From the desk of Negosyo Toolkit;
My name is Jay Gregorio, Creator & Founder of Negosyo Toolkit, I just want to say hello and welcome here to our community.

For more than 6 years + experience in affiliate marketing and digital marketing industry.
Selling digital…
Physical products…
One thing I realized knowledge, strategies, skills, motivation are not enough for you to succeed online…
You need to have the right tools! 
Tools that can help you build, grow, scale your business to the next new level.
Here at Negosyo Toolkit, We solved the most common problem of marketers, entrepreneurs, and SME’s na na e-experience ng mga nag-sisimula online.
To be honest, You don’t need to subscribe with different marketing tools…
  • Funnel Software cost 5,000-15,000/month
  • Email Marketing cost 10,000+/month depending on your list
  • Affiliate System cost 50,000+ or more
  • Membership site cost 20,000+/year
  • Website designer cost 30,000+
  • Hosting + Premium Plugins cost 30,000+/year
We are here to help you succeed online, Once you start positioning your business online, Your main focus is to build a duplicable system, automate the process using negosyo toolkit and most importantly provide 10x value to your audience using content marketing…

There is no “Secret” 

The Only “Key” is to consistently provide value!
Remember that money is an exchange of value, the more value you give to your marketplace the more chances you “WIN”!
Success is about how much value you provide to others. As Albert Einstein “Try not to become a person of success but a person of value.”
If you find yourself blinded by the hunt for success, remember to focus on providing real value. It’s a lot harder to practice, but your long-term success depends on it.
Your long-term goal should be to create relationships and provide a sense of fulfillment.
It’s the most practical way to long-term success.
What’s Next?

Step#1 – Please watch all the training videos inside our membership hub, so that you can get enough knowledge and skills on how to use these all-in-one marketing tools for your business needs.

Step#2 – Feel FREE to ask in the comment section, if you need anything help or Chat with our customer / technical support!
Step#3 – Claim your 1-on-1 coaching call, Here’s the Link To Book:
We are Looking forward to our long-term partnership.
Your Friend To Success,
Jay Gregorio 
Creator & Founder of Negosyo Toolkit