Welcome to Negosyo toolkit online training. We are on our Module 5-Building Your Sales Funnel.

Go to Build Funnel==>  Flows==> Add New==> Choose Funnel==> Import Flow

After mo ma- import yung template na gagamitin mo sa funnel mo, now you can EDIT. Ikaw bahala kung anong design ang gusto mo, its unlimited customization. Ikaw ang may control depende sa gusto mo. 

Check-out Page==> Edit==> Products==> Create Products

Form Field- If you want to disable some options na hindi mo naman kailangan. 

Check out Page==> General

Check out Page==> Check out Settings

Funnels==> Settings==> Facebook Pixel

Google Analytics

If you have any other questions, technicalities. Please let me know. Feel free to connect and chat with our chat support. See you on our next video lesson.

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